Using MATLAB for numerical solutions to the discrete Poisson equation

PicoDriveDS Status Update

libfat/DLDI-enabled DS BIOS Dumper

PicoDriveDS 0.1.7

Simple GBA Mode Switcher

2006 Christmas Coding Compo Entry

PicoDriveDS 0.1.6

PicoDriveDS 0.1.5

PicoDriveDS 0.1.4

PicoDriveDS 0.1.3

PicoDriveDS 0.1.2

Building a FAT file image for NDS Homebrew

PicoDriveDS - Genesis Emulator Port for Nintendo DS

Bad Kitty

Converting Netscape Cookies Files

Printing Envelopes on the ML-2010 with TeX

libavcodec / libavformat sample code

Not This Again

More on LDAP and Jabber Integration

Setting Up Jabberd2 for LDAP Authentication

Upgraded to Wordpress

Easy Fixes for Stupid Problems

Fun with chrome caching in Firefox

XmlRpcCS with Mono >1.1.x

XML-RPC Blogging Plugin for Tomboy


Browser History Searching

Colorization Using Optimization

Kernel development with qemu

MonoDevelop on Debian


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